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A wood fence is a perfect choice for security, privacy, and natural beauty. But some issues can plague wood fencing and signal it’s time for replacement or repair. Below are three signs your wood fence needs to be replaced.

3 Indicators of Wood Fence Replacement

1. The Wood Has Started To Rot

Most wood fences are treated with weather-resistant chemicals to stay strong and striking for years to come. Unfortunately, these treatments don’t last forever, and, over time, wood can become susceptible to prolonged exposure to moisture. If your wood fence has started to rot, the best thing you can do is replace it; one or two rotted sections can easily spread to the entire fence.

2. The Wood Is Sagging

Wayside Fence Company

Another telltale sign of age and moisture damage is the presence of sagging. Drooping planks can be an eyesore, and they simply aren’t providing the level of privacy and security they once did. While replacing sagging areas is a temporary solution, there’s a strong chance that if one area sags, another eventually will as well. Your best bet? A new wood fence.

3. Insects Have Damaged Your Fence

Insects may be tiny, but they can do major damage to a wood fence. If you spot holes or signs of chewing or tunneling, you may have an insect problem. In time, if left untreated, insects can jeopardize the structural integrity of a wood fence. To prevent a larger infestation and retain the look and structure of your fence, replacement may be in order.

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