If your customer is looking to complement their home and property with the warmth and charm of nature itself, our Presidential Line of custom cedar fencing is the perfect option – because we only use natural white and red cedar.

Cedar is a time-honored choice of wood, whether it ages to natural silver…is stained…or if a protective clear finish is applied.

To tap into the best quality wood available, use Wayside as your Cedar Fence Supplier.


If you’re looking for a more robust 1″ x 4″ picket – this is it! Adams is a terrific choice to delineate any border or area.


The stylish horizontal boards and its sturdy nature continue to keep this nostalgic fence a popular choice. Just like when it was first introduced in the 1960’s, this timeless classic can be stained in redwood, white or left to weather into a beautiful silvery gray.


Our Buchanan features 1″ x 4″ dog-ear boards, giving the fence line a very dramatic look. This single-sided style easily enhances any property, while adding the value of privacy.

Buchanan is also available with 1″ x 6″ boards.

1″ x 4″ boards, pictured below, have optional beveled edges.


Bush is a double-sided style with rails on either side and features rounded spaced pickets.

This “neighbor-friendly” design is popular in any configuration.


Paired with traditional gothic pickets and assembled in a board on board fashion, alternatively spaced, result in the beauty of the Cleveland.


Clinton is a simple, beautifully stylized fence featuring round spaced pickets and is available in all configurations.


Coolidge is a unique combination of flat-top 1″ x 2″ pickets and round-top 1″ x 4″ pickets.


Eisenhower is a show-stopper, featuring a 1″ x 4″ solid board bottom combined with a diamond or square lattice topper. It is also available with crown topper.



At one time, the Fillmore was offered in one style only. But due to its extreme popularity, we now offer it in several beautiful configurations.


The smooth lines of this fence give you many options.

A beauty in any height, Ford can be made in straight, cathedral or scalloped configurations to meet your style preferences.

Standard is 1″ x 4″ but 1″ x 6″ is also available.


Garfield is a semi-private gothic top fence offering privacy with an open feel.


Grant achieves its pattern by using paired-up 1″x 4″ boards. Grant is also available with 1″ x 6″ boards.


Harding features a 1″ x 4″ spaced picket with a decorative routed top. This style is also available in straight, scalloped or cathedral configurations.


Looking for something a little different? Alternating slanted pickets combined with flat top pickets result in our Harrison style single-sided fence. A true beauty in any height.


Combine a 1″ x 6″ solid board bottom with a 1″ x 4″ solid board top, add diamond accents and the result is a style we call Hoover. A classic in any height.


Jackson is the result of combining a board on board bottom with a cedar diamond topper.


Traditional dog-ear spaced picket. Simple, yet elegant.

Choose straight, scalloped, cathedral or a combination.


A variation of the Van Buren style adds a more formal look. Johnson is made with 1″ x 4″ boards.


Kennedy has become one of our most popular styles due to its unique design and crafting, but also because it comes in so many highly desired configurations.

  • Kennedy Straight
  • Kennedy Scalloped
  • Kennedy Capped
  • Kennedy Staggered
  • Kennedy Capped & Staggered
  • Kennedy Stepped
  • Kennedy Radius
  • Kennedy Special Sections

Kennedy Straight

Kennedy Scalloped

Kennedy Capped

Kennedy Staggered

Kennedy Capped & Staggered

Kennedy Stepped

Kennedy Radius

Kennedy Special Sections


Traditionally a favorite for English gardens, lattice is a stunning accent in any setting. It can be used as fence panels or paired with any of our beautifully crafted cedar arbors and pergolas.

To satisfy your range of needs and preferences, we offer 2” and 4” square lattice and 1” 2” and 4” diamond lattice.

  • 2” and 4” Square Lattice
  • 1”, 2” and 4” Diamond Lattice

2” and 4” Square Lattice

Traditionally a favorite for English gardens, 2” and 4″ Square Lattice is a beautiful accent to any décor and an excellent choice for a stylish semi-private area.

1”, 2” and 4” Diamond Lattice

1”, 2” and 4” Diamond Lattice is a beautiful choice for fence panels as well as accent pieces. It is an excellent choice for semi-privacy and looks spectacular when paired with our heavy cedar arbors.


Lincoln features 1″ x 4″ solid board pickets with a picket top point.


Dog-eared 1″ x 4″ spaced pickets assembled in a board on board pattern result in the very popular Madison. Also available with 1″ x 6″ pickets.


Our is both eye-catching and whimsical.


Monroe is a popular choice, featuring a flat board capped top and vertical board on board pickets. Standard spacing is 2.5″ to 2.75″.

They are extra-special with a custom topper!


Nixon features dramatic 1″ x 6″ or 1″ x 4″ round top boards.

It is available in straight or cathedral configuration.


Pierce offers a double-sided bottom panel with a decorative cutout top.

Cutouts come standard in diamond pattern, but custom patterns such as shamrocks, hearts and anchors, are also available. Very unique!


Polk features pointed pickets alternating with flat top pickets. An excellent choice for a single-sided privacy fence.

Post & Rail

Post & Rail is a classic choice for property delineation when you prefer an open, airy feel. When it ambles alongside a beautiful winding driveway, there are few things more charming. When tapered rails are used to frame a corner garden bed, there’s a rugged, yet easy feel. Whichever Post & Rail you prefer, you can’t go wrong with any of the options we provide. Take a look…

  • Diamond Cedar
  • Round Cedar
  • Locust Post & Split Rail

Diamond Cedar

Diamond Cedar Post & Rail is available in your choice of either 2 or 3 rail. It is an excellent choice for property delineation, where privacy is not needed.

Round Cedar

Round Cedar Post & Rail is available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 rail configurations, as well as scarfed or doweled ends. Create fun accents with the single rail or with a tapered end.

Locust Post & Split Rail

Perhaps the most popular Post & Rail style, Split Rail is an economical choice. Locust posts are available in 2, 3 and 4 rail configurations.


Reagan offers the same double-sided features as the Bush but in pointed spaced pickets. This style adds traditional elegance to both sides of the fence.


Roosevelt has become a very popular style fence and you can see why. It offers the ultimate in privacy, but with gorgeous design elements that add unique ambiance to your property. The Roosevelt can be ordered in straight, scalloped or staggered configurations.


Stockade is by far the most commonly used wooden fencing in today’s market. It is economical and offers full privacy.

Design features, such as the taper and the scallop, add an architectural element to this style.

Available in white cedar and spruce.


This gothic 1″ x 4″ spaced picket is a best seller. It looks equally as beautiful stained or left to weather to a silver gray.

Taylor is always a great choice in straight, cathedral or scalloped configuration.


Truman offers 1″ x 2″ flat top pickets with alternating 1″ x 4″ pickets. The combination results in a distinctive looking fence line.

Choose scallop or cathedral for a different look. Also available with 1″ x 6″ spaced pickets


Tyler is similar to Harrison but does not have the alternating flat pickets.

Van Buren

Van Buren is a very versatile gothic top picket. It is available in 1″ x 4″ boards, (which is standard) or with 1″ x 6″ boards. Both options are an attractive asset to your property.


Washington features striking single 1″ x 4″ flat top gothic boards, assembled in a board on board pattern. 1″ x 6″ is also available.


Wilson offers the same 1″ x 4″ routed top pickets as seen in Truman, without the 1″ x 2″ flat top spacers in between.

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