The large deer population in the United States has become an increasingly difficult problem for many gardeners and property owners.

Through the years, many home remedies have been rumored to alleviate the situation, all of which resulted in continuous deer problems. From spraying hot sauce on plants, to hanging ultrasound “deer deterrents,” gardeners have tried virtually everything.

The only real and lasting solution is having Deer Fencing and Gates installed on your property. They are not only attractive – they are practical and effective.

Deer Fencing is one of our most sought after products and Deer Fence Gate installation is one of our greatest areas of expertise. So why not let us use this experience and help you with your Deer Fencing and Gate Installations? Give us a call today.

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Welded Wire

Welded Wire is one of the most versatile products on today’s market. It has many practical uses, in addition to deer fencing, such as property division, pet enclosure, tree & shrub protection, pool enclosure (in most areas), animal & poultry pens, and more.

The heavy duty vinyl coated Welded Wire is galvanized before welding. It is engineered and designed to provide flexibility for ease of installation. Welded Wire offers low visibility making it unobtrusive. It is virtually maintenance-free, and is an economical solution for local code compliance. Plus, it easily installs to post & rail, fencing, stakes, or tacks to trees.

Available in black or green, our Welded Wire is available in several heights and grid sizes, but we recommend 6’ high x 2 x 4 x14 gauge with at least 3 strands of straight wire above the fence as shown below (3rd photo from left) for deer exclusion.

Farm & Field

Hi-tensile fencing was designed specifically for wildlife. It gives excellent control for animal containment, exclusion and protection from predators. Fewer posts, higher fence strength and less maintenance due to product durability are all properties of hi-tensile fencing. The combination of hi-tensile wire and solid vertical stays allows fence installation using 15’-25’ post centers.

The unique fixed knot, which locks vertical and horizontal wires together, will not allow animals to penetrate the fence. The deep crimp in the horizontal wire maintains fence tension and allows the fence to follow rough terrain. Available in 330’ rolls and up to 8’ in height.

Hi tensile fencing is often used as perimeter fencing for airports, highways and other areas where a deer or other wildlife wondering onto the path could result in extreme danger. It is available in several grid sizes and configurations. The sizes recommended for deer exclusion are 96” x 330’ and are made of 12.5 gauge wire.

Steel Hex

Deer Control Steel Hex is specially made for the deer fencing industry. It is a galvanized hexagonal steel PVC coated black fence. It’s ideal for deer exclusion, as well as other predators such as coyotes, wolves, and rabbits.

For the weight, Deer Control Steel Hex is the strongest and least visible fence on the market today. This quality fencing is available in 7.3’x 100’ rolls. It offers a grid size of 1” x 1.25”. Available in black, Deer Control Steel Hex is 20 gauge. (2’, 4’ and 6’ heights are also available).

Deer Control Steel Hex is steel reinforced. It is easy to install and maintain. Steel Hex Netting meets pool code in some areas, but confirm with your local municipality.


Cintoflex was designed more than 25 years ago as an alternative to galvanized netting. It is manufactured from non-toxic, tough, flexible, high density black polypropylene with characteristics that withstand the effects of weather (extremes of hot and cold, ultra-violet rays) and contaminants, such as acids generated in the poultry farm. Cintoflex is produced by a patented stretching and extruding process. As a result, the mesh is manufactured as a continuous net, possessing strength normally associated with wire netting.

Cintoflex is easily handled and installed due to its extreme light weight. There are four different mesh sizes to choose. Available in rolls up to 15 feet high, multiple overlaps are eliminated in installations where height is required, such as aviaries. The netting may be installed similar to any conventional fencing. Due to material’s light weight, support posts are not required as often. For added support, a bracing wire should be run along the top and bottom of the mesh. Cintoflex is ideal for a wide variety of applications including bird and deer control.

All Cintoflex products are available in various heights. Each product, grid size and height is recommended for a particular use.

Some of Cintoflex’s many benefits:

  • Economical
  • Lightweight plastic
  • Easy to install by one person
  • U.V. stabilized
  • Will not rust or discolor
  • Does not have sharp edges
  • Does not deform
  • No special cutting tools are required
  • Maintenance free – no sanding, painting or finishing
  • Is virtually invisible, as it blends in with nature
  • Cintoflex is recyclable, making it environmentally friendly
  • Engineered and designed to provide flexibility for ease of installation
  • It can be shipped via UPS

Cintoflex is available in two strengths. Cintoflex C is our standard deer fencing for small gardens or areas not experiencing high pressure deer situations. Cintoflex P is our premium, perimeter deer fencing designed for high pressure deer exclusion where deer habits and territories have been established.

  • Cintoflex C
  • Cintoflex P

Cintoflex C

  • The “C” line offers a 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ grid, which affords you non-visibility and high strength. Each height is suitable for a variety of applications:
  • 4′ is recommended for replacement of your standard welded wire product, where an informal and economical enclosure is desired.
  • 5′ is good for protecting foundation plantings and flower beds from deer intrusion in low traffic areas.
  • 6′ is recommended for general purpose and for temporary fencing where a greater degree of safety is needed.
  • 7.5′ in the 100′ and 330′ lengths is our standard, economical perimeter deer fencing (Standard C-Flex).
  • It is recommended as a perimeter enclosure for areas not experiencing high pressure deer situations.
  • 10′ and 15′ Cintoflex are the same product as our standard deer fencing, but recommended for uneven terrains that might require extra protection.

Cintoflex P
7.5′ x 164′ is our premium, perimeter deer fencing (Premium P-Flex). It is a heavy duty product, designed exclusively for high pressure deer exclusion where deer habits and territories have previously been established. It is stronger than standard perimeter fence, has square openings for equal flexing in all directions (making installation easier), is ideal for enclosing the perimeter of any property, is designed for low visibility after installation, and has a great survivability under heavy pressure.

Cintoflex is being used for more and more applications every day.